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Spirituality without the ‘Woo’

Eddy Elsey – Wellness Practitioner

Street Spirituality makes authentic spirituality and wellness accessible for people in their everyday life, bringing down-to-earth ritual and spiritual health into mainstream society.
There is still a taboo for many people in the mainstream when it comes to exploring mental health, spirituality and wellness.


We want to remove that.

“The best for transformation”

TatlerDelilah Khomo

“A complete energy reboot”

The Evening StandardSuzannah Ramsdale

“Eddy has spent years studying Shamanic and Spiritual cultures”

Women's HealthClaudia Canavan

Work with me

Working 1-2-1 is an incredible way to move through personal issues in a fast and direct way.

Free Discovery Call

Any form of alternative healing can be confusing, especially in our modern western world.

I am happy to answer your questions regarding what working with me would look like during a free discovery call.


It is best to go gently and take our time with healing. The healing process can sometimes be overwhelming, and this does not need to be the case.

Having a mentor helps you stay on track, integrate the lessons you learn about yourself along your healing journey, ask questions and receive further healing if needed at regular intervals.

Mentorship can also greatly benefit those with an existing practice who seek ways to ground it into their daily lives.

Buteyko Breathwork

Buteyko breathwork is a remarkably powerful method that enables the restoration of healthy and functional breathing – optimising oxygen uptake, reversing chronic health conditions and greatly benefiting those who suffer from mental health conditions.

This method restores balance and harmony throughout the physical body, settling the nervous system and flight and fight response.

Mongolia Pilgrimage 2023

The Darkhad Valley in Northern Mongolia is one of the last places still left in the world where an unbroken shamanic lineage still exists. Shamanism in its original form is difficult to find, and experiencing it first-hand completely changed my life.

I’m now proud to offer this opportunity to others, inviting you to join us on a cultural tour of the breathtaking Mongolian landscape and its beautifully rich culture.

Events & Corporate

Find out more about bringing spiritual wellness into your workplace or events.