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About Eddy

I am a British Shamanic Practitioner focussed on making authentic spiritual wellness accessible to those living in the modern world. I started Street Spirituality five years ago to help bridge the gap between ancient knowledge and contemporary life.

I firmly believe that spirituality and wellness must be down to earth for us to integrate them into our everyday lives. Whilst much of spiritual wellness stems from ancient practices, there is no reason why we cannot incorporate these powerful practices into the society that we exist in today.

It is through this balance of traditional and modern that great healing can occur, offering us a reminder that in our hearts, we are the same humans that we have always been.

My work has been featured in GQ, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, The Evening Standard and Tatler, and I have contributed lead articles for Europe’s premier Shamanic magazine – Sacred Hoop.

I’ve spoken and held events across the UK and Europe, and I’m writing my first book – which is due out on the Rider imprint of Penguin in January 2024.

My passion is providing people with the tools that they need to regain the balance that they may have lost from mental health or physical conditions.

Through suffering intensely from anxiety and OCD, it was finding spiritual wellness that allowed me to put myself back together again. I am eternally grateful to my teachers and their practices for assisting me in being able to achieve a healthy and blissful life, and I am devoted to paying that forward into society by helping others do the same.