Praising Roots – A Year-Long Commitment

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  • 2021-02-11 0:00 to 2022-02-11 0:00

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Praising Roots – A Year-Long Commitment

2021-02-11 0:00 to 2022-02-11 0:00
February 11, 2021


Praising Roots – A Year-Long Commitment

2021-02-11 0:00 to 2022-02-11 0:00
February 11, 2021


What has connected shamanic and animistic cultures from around the world, is the ability to properly praise life.

When this is done, either personally, or as a community – the invisible threads that hold existence together can be nourished and renewed, made vibrant once more – and the source that sustains the tree of all life can be fed.

It is through this feeding, that the world is enabled to flourish.

As parts of that world, and creators of beauty on this earth, we have a responsibility through our lives to feed the spirits of the world with our beauty. The art of giving offerings, to learn how to pray, to praise life with our tears and cracking voices in the midst of personal darkness, to dance with ecstatic abandon, to move with the seasons and sing to the elements – this is the way we were always meant to heal – in service to the earth.

Through this year long journey, which is broken into :

  • A six-week online course
  • Three, four day long, meets throughout the year
  • Two all-night ceremonies at Sacred sites in Britain.

You will learn how to step into the stewardship of the invisible world and become a guardian of beauty here on earth. It will be your sacred responsibility to feed the world around you. To frame your life in a mythic way and frame your past experiences in a way that empowers you to do this.

The online six-week course is 3 hours once a week and will lay the foundation for the in-person work and ceremony that we will undertake together later in the year. Due to the time commitment, it will be important to go through the more intellectual and study based work online, before we allow our minds a rest and use our hearts and souls to bring the work forward. Each week on the online course we will also undertake a drumming ceremony to allow you a strong introduction to working with the drum, the medicine wheel and the spirits that will assist you with the work going forward.

The three, four day and in-person meets will take place in woodland in Bedfordshire. Each time we meet and camp together under the stars amongst the oaks, we will spend four days honouring the earth, and each person will undertake a ritual initiation through to open their heart to the invisible world. This will be an intense time of ritual chaos and beauty, and with our vulnerability as our shields we will go together into the places in our souls that need us the most – and re-emerge together with our own bespoke way of feeding the world with our eloquence and delicious humanness.

We will utilise the sacred sauna – a womb-like structure woven with prayer – and purify ourselves amongst the spirits of the woods. Undertake a burial ceremony – spending a night underneath the earth – dreaming with the roots of this land. And sit out alone in the forest – binding together with our ancestors through this shared experience, and seek a vision of purpose and healing that we will gift to the world.

Online Course:

Feb 11th – March 18th – Thursday nights 7-10pm

In-person dates at Clophill:

April 1st – 4th
June 24th – 27th
August 26th – 29th

Date for Ceremonies:


Price – £1150

Payment plans available