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Mongolia Pilgrimage 2024

The Darkhad Valley in Northern Mongolia is one of the last places still left in the world where an unbroken shamanic lineage still exists. Shamanism in its original form is difficult to find, and experiencing it first-hand completely changed my life.

I’m now proud to offer this opportunity to others, inviting you to join us on a cultural tour of the breathtaking Mongolian landscape and its beautifully rich culture.
If you are fascinated by Traditional Shamanism, like I am, this is an incredible opportunity.

This cultural tour will begin in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, then move to the remote North in 4×4’s where we will experience the rich cultural history of the spiritual and community traditions of Mongolia. We will sleep in traditional Gers (yurts), trek through the pristine rolling steppes, and meet with and witness, the work of traditional Shamans.

The Darkhad Valley area, located within Khuvsgul Province, North of Mongolia is also home to many different ethnic groups with strong shamanic roots, including the nomadic Dukha reindeer herders.

If you are interested in this – please enquire using the form.

10th June – 24th June 2024

$3200 (USD)*

*This includes everything except for souvenirs, personal healings from the Elders, and flights.

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