Stag Print – Framed

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Deer – Heart medicine of the Forest. King of the Wood and messenger of the Gods. Embodied balanced power on earth.

Frame: Reclaimed Wood

Dimensions: L28, W22, D2 (cm)

Weight: 466 grams

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Ant the Elder is a tattoo artist based in London passionate about the ritualistic and magikal practices within tattooing.
These altar prints have been designed to emulate ancient carvings found around the British Isles in their design. They represent Wolf, Fox, Stag, Bear, Horse, The Trickster and a God and Goddess.
The idea was to use materials and processes that would allow Ant to produce the images in an ancient way.
The ink was therefore mixed by Ant using the ashes of burnt incense that are part of their daily ritual. The incense itself is made up of sacred herbs that are traditionally used for meditation and protection.
The linoleum they used to carve the images is also a natural product, made from pressed linseed oil, cork dust and pine resin. The designs have been hand carved, and each print hand-pressed in a ritual with intention.
The paper used is hand made, and the wooden frames are made in a small factory in the UK, from quality cuts of distressed wood. They include glass fronts and an MDF backing and are supplied with strut backs to stand alone, and mounts to hang.
These are potent altar prints to be prayed to and embody the potential to invoke the protective spirits that they convey.
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