Three Month Healing Process

The process of healing is documented cross-culturally and follows a threefold path – often called the process of initiation. During this process, we are called to heal. Utilising the ancient healing techniques of Shamanism – This three-month package seeks to consciously recreate the ancient pathway of how humans heal and give you all the tools you need to integrate deep and lasting healing into your modern life.

Healing works best when it is performed in a container that is opened and closed with intention. In this way, we decide to commit to a healing process with an end goal in sight and then move towards that goal which – when achieved – allows you to settle back into your life peacefully and enjoy living fully once again.

This is for those who are:

  • Committed to making a real change in their lives
  • Looking to heal their mental health issues such as – anxiety/depression/OCD
  • Wanting to develop a strong sense of self
  • Interested in learning about shamanic practice – traditional and modern
  • Ready to move past obstaclesWilling to understand and move through trauma
  • Interested in deepening their connection to spirit and the land
  • Looking for spiritual development
  • Seeking to uncover their true potential

We will open this container together in the first session and work each month in an intensive way to achieve the goals we set together during the consultation until closing the space together at the end of the last healing session in the third month.

This package provides the grounding and care for you to heal deeply over the period of three months with me guiding you through the entire process.

Package Includes

1 x Healing Consultation and Healing Session including a combination (if needed) of Power Retrieval, Ancestral Healing and Soul Retrieval (2 hours)*

2 x Healing Sessions including a combination (if needed) of Power Retrieval, Ancestral Healing and Soul Retrieval (1 hour each)*

2 x Mentoring Calls two weeks after first and second session. (30 min each)

1 x Bespoke Ritual with detailed guidance.*

Email support throughout.

*All instructions for preparation are included.

The sessions can be done in person or online.


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1-2-1 Shamanic Healing

*Distance sessions available

Since humans have roamed this planet, they have been engaging in ritual and ceremony to re-connect them with the earth to create balance and ease within themselves. Try as we might, with our shiny toys and vast cities, we are fundamentally the same humans that we have always been. We have the same desires, the same close bonds with friends, family and lovers, and we all seek a connection to something greater than ourselves.

It is the shamanic belief, that when this connection is weakened or severed, an imbalance is created within us, which creates a fertile landscape for physical and mental illness to develop.

We all have difficult lives, and we all experience suffering. Without proper ritual and ceremony in which to deliver these negative energies back to the Earth to be transmuted, they can become stuck within us and begin to harden – evolving into unyielding belief systems, patterns that we play out in our lives, sickness, depression and anxiety, or PTSD.

Each healing is a ceremony in itself and within this, a space can be created in which these stuck energies can be removed and the power of a person can be fully restored. It is once this happens that a window of opportunity can be opened, and that person can reclaim the beautiful, innocent and positive creature that they were born – that we are all born.

Once this happens, true and limitless healing can occur and people can once again rekindle the life of bliss that is their birthright.

These sessions last 2 hours.

Techniques Used

Spirit Extraction

The removal of foreign entities from the body. These are (usually) negative thought forms attached to energy and have a life force of their own. They often feed on our own life force which can result in a loss of personal power.

Ancestral Healing & Psychopomp

Healing the ancestral lines and leading the dead back home. For a variety of reasons, our ancestors can “hang around” and cause discomfort – either through unresolved traumas or because of a broken taboo resulting in a family curse – what the Celts called a “Geis”. Sometimes the dead do not fully understand that they have passed on and it is the shamans job to lead them back to where they can be at rest – the afterlife.

Soul Retrieval

Parts of the soul can splinter and soul loss can occur. This often happens before a particularly traumatic incident. To preserve itself, a soul part can leave the body and reside somewhere else – locked in time. These parts can be called home to bring balance and harmony once again to the person seeking it.

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